About Ivan McWilliams

Ivan was born in 1954 and grew up mainly in Adelaide. He left school at 16 and took employment working for Telstra for the next 18 years. At 19 years of age he began learning the Indonesian Silat based martial art called Kemka Shaolin Kempo Sokajindo . Two years later Ivan’s teacher Harry van Milt stopped teaching, at this point Ivan took over the school.

Together with his new martial arts teacher Trevor Jarrad over 6 years, they transformed the school and renamed it Kemka Silat. During this time Ivan won the A.M.A.A. open free sparing over 5 years and later was awarded the level of Red Rank. Sadly Trevor died 4 years later leaving the school in Ivan’s hands.

At the age of 28, Ivan became very ill and western medicine proved of little help so he explored natural therapies. These proved very helpful in his case and this kindled his desire to learn more about them.

He now has diplomas in Tuina, Acupressure, TCM theory and philosophy, Acupuncture and Remedial Therapy.

In 1991 he earned a Diploma in Sports and Professional Massage from the South Australian Health and Education Center (SAHEC) now the Endeavour College in Adelaide. He went on to get a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicinal Theory and Jin Shin Do acupressure from the Academy of Oriental Therapies in Adelaide in 1993. He then travelled to China and studied Tuina at the Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing.

He has a very successful private practice in Adelaide since 1992 which he now attends every three weeks when he travels down from Queensland (where he currently resides and has a practice).

He has been in practice using Tuina (Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Massage) exclusively since 1993, and has taught Tuina at a certificate level privately.

In 1997 he started using Acupuncture in clinic practice along with  Tuina at about a 70/30 (tuina/acupuncture) ratio.

He taught Sports massage at the SAHEC (now Endeavour College in Adelaide) as part of the Remedial Massage Diploma from 1996.

In 2000 he wrote and taught the Diploma of Tuina course for SAHEC in Adelaide for 7 years, training students in TCM philosophy and Tuina.

In June and July of 2010 he was employed by Endeavour College in Brisbane to upgrade their Tuina lecturers from Certificate 4 level to Diploma level. He has been involved with Endeavour College from time to time since then.Currently with the help a good friend we are writing a practical book on Tuina.

For over 35yrs he has taught and is the head of the Kemka Silat martial arts style.

With the help of two friends he has established the “The Little Treasure’s Foundation,” www.littletreasuresfoundation.org.au to help children and their families through illness using alternative and modern medical modalities, where all expenses are paid for by the foundation. A long term goal is to set up a health retreat to help people deal with health and lifestyle issue. This would help fund a free retreat for the children to go to during the illness.

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