Kemka Silat

Kemka Silat is taught in two schools, one in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast and one in Adelaide. This style was originally called Kempo-Solanjindo and was established in 1971 by Mr Harry Van Milt. It was a combination of Chinese Shaolin-Szu but with a strong influence of the Indonesian art of Penjak-Silat.

Kemka Silat is a means of self defence but it also helps develop your mind and body, it builds confidence, self control but most important the true student learns to respect others.

This style differs from most martial arts in as much as it is non-aggressive and does not oppose the force of the opponent but rather avoids bone-crushing contact. The Techniques used incorporate low stances, open hand movements and graceful combinations which distinguish Kemka Silat from the other martial arts.

Although this is a fighting art the students are taught self-discipline, non-aggression and respect for others, the student is taught how to defend themselves with deadly skill and efficiency.

Students are asked to remember and live by two proverbs:

“Your skill proves your ability, the use of it, you character.”

“Avoid trouble since it does not brand you a coward but a respecter of mankind.”


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