The Little Treasures Foundation

Little TreasuresThe Little Treasures Foundation is a non-profit organisation created to provide benevolent relief to children suffering from severe medical or emotional/psychiatric conditions. Such relief will be by the provision of free Natural, Traditional and Complementary Medicine ideologies.

The aim of all treatments is to improve the long-term physical, mental and spiritual health of children. Such cure or improvement to the quality of life for the child and their care givers are provided for free no matter their race, religion, social status, economic circumstances or birth place.

How This Will Be Achieved

Funds will be raised by:

  • public donations
  • corporate sponsorship
  • allocated distributions from Government and other charitable organizations
  • profits from the sale of commercial products
  • proceeds from charitable fund-raising programs
  • investment by private individuals or corporations—provided such investments do not require support by any guarantees nor require any return on investment greater than that provided by commercial bank investments applicable at the time of the investment. Any returns to investors are not to be to the detriment of the Foundation.

Funds will be used to promote the objectives of the Foundation and to pay qualified practitioners to treat children using publicly acceptable health treatment modalities. Treatments will be provided throughout Australia via a chain of clinics – which will be set up as dictated by demand and the Foundation’s financial circumstances. Foundation administration costs will be kept to within a maximum of 8% of funds received in any financial year.

The Three Treasures Health Resort is to be established with five-star facilities, which will focus on life coaching goals for the guests, allowing them to return to their normal lives with the knowledge to help them achieve happier, healthier, balanced lives. The retreat will combine the best of modern technological health equipment with Traditional and Complementary Medicine ideologies, and a common sense approach to balanced living. The resort will teach guests how to change their lifestyle while still enjoying the benefits of a modern, richly diverse society.

Any profits from the Three Treasures Health Resort will be provided directly to The Little Treasures Foundation to set up and run the Little Treasures clinics (totally free to the children and their care givers) and to help children anywhere who need it.


If you feel this is a deserving venture donations may be banked at the following account:

Banks of South Australia and St George
Name: The Little Treasures Foundation
BSB: 105-134
Acc: 59904240

All donatons $2.00 and over are tax deductible.

If receipts are required please email Ivan McWilliams at, for electonic transfers put your name in the reference box.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Little Treasures Foundation and or the Three Treasures Retreat Ventures, please contact us.

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